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Online Introduction to Infrared Thermography Training (8 hours)

Introduction to Infrared Thermography is a day long, instructor led course that provides an overview of essential concepts needed by anyone looking to put infrared thermal imaging into practice. The class combines lecture, hands-on lab, and interaction with an expert to reinforce your learning. 

Introduction to Infrared Thermography is intended for people that will be expected to operate a thermal imager as part of their job, oftentimes at the direction of qualified personnel. This class is not a substitute for the 32-hour Level 1 Infrared Thermography Applications course, but rather a condensed preview of the topics covered in the Level 1 class along with topics covered in Fox River Systems’ Operational Readiness Training for Thermal Imagers course.The class also serves people that have previously completed Level 1 training but are seeking a refresher class.


This class begins your journey of learning to think using a sixth sense--visual temperature.  The class provides a foundation for proper measurement practices and interpretation of thermal images with emphasis on electrical and mechanical applications. Hands-on lab exercises complement the lecture to reinforce learning and help build confidence with the use of a thermal imager for performing work.

This class is also offered as a public, in-person or private, on-site training class by Fox River Systems, Inc. The course is open to everyone regardless of whether or not they own a thermal imager. Attendees that do have infrared thermal imagers are encouraged to bring their imagers to the online class to take advantage of the hands-on labs.


BROCHURE:  Online Introduction to Infrared Thermography Training (8 hours)

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