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Analysis & Reporting with Fluke SmartView
Analysis & Reporting with Fluke SmartView

Analysis & Reporting with Fluke SmartView

Analysis & Reporting with Fluke SmartView™ is a 1-day class that covers the practical steps needed to create reports that have the look and feel you desire and communicate the information you need. The class provides a comprehensive tutorial on Fluke SmartView™ from installation to image analysis and from image annotation to reporting. Furthermore, the class includes the advanced topic of how to customize report templates to simplify and speed up your custom report creation.

SmartView includes basic templates for reporting on electromechanical and building diagnostic applications, but you may need to generate reports that are for completely different applications. Or perhaps you'd just like to change how information is grouped and presented on a report page. You may think that the report templates contain too much information, so we cover how to eliminate details from the basic report templates that don't contribute to clarifying your findings. We'll also address how to create and incorporate new annotation types and boilerplate text into templates and how to create new annotation categories with the Annotation Editor.

Analysis & Reporting with Fluke SmartView Seminar Datasheet (PDF)
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