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Infrared Thermography Program Startup
Infrared Thermography Program Startup

Infrared Thermography Program Startup

This course provides a practical approach to starting up an infrared thermography program as part of a reliability, maintenance, or service provider organization. The class was formulated after a number of our students completed Level 1 training and expressed intrerest in guidance on where to begin with start-up of their infrared thermography program.  Which assets should be inspected and how frequently should they be inspected?  What criteria should be applied to determine the presence or absence of anomalies?  How can you manage an ever larger growing collection of images?  The class builds on the techniques learned in prerequisite classes with information needed to work in a disciplined, programmatic manner with electrical, electro-mechanical, and buildings/roof applications. And the course helps you establish the initial scope and scale of your new program. The framework that is provided during class includes offers methods for establishing:

  • Program Goals such as reduced operating costs, increased uptime, improved capacity, reduced risk of loss, improved worker safety, etc.
  • Asset and Service Criticality which considers the interdependencies and criticality of assets necessary for delivering a service or producing a product
  • Inspection Frequencies based on historical and anticipated failures and impact of failure
  • Diagnosis/Analysis Techniques— providing a refresher of procedures used for various types thermal inspections including electrical, electro-mechanical, process equipment, and buildings/roofs.
  • Exception Criteria to help identify anomalies
  • Documenting & Reporting Findings using logs and reports
  • Complementary Measurements to identify, categorize severity, and validate anomalies

  This class is offered as a public or private, on-site training class by Fox River Systems, Inc.

Infrared Thermography Program Startup Seminar Datasheet (PDF)
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