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Introduction to Infrared Thermography
Introduction to Infrared Thermography

Introduction to Infrared Thermgraphy

Introduction to Infrared Thermography is day long course that provides an overview of essential concepts needed by anyone looking to put infrared thermal imaging into practice. The class combines lecture, hands-on lab, and interaction with experts to reinforce your learning. This class is not a substitute for the 32-hour Level 1 Infrared Thermography Applications course, but rather a condensed preview of the topics covered in the Level 1 class along with topics covered in Fox River Systems’ Operational Readiness Training for Thermal Imagers course. Introduction to Infrared Thermography is intended for people that have not taken Level 1 training but will be expected to operate a thermal imager as part of their job, oftentimes at the direction of qualified personnel. The class also serves people that have previously completed Level 1 training but are seeking a refresher class.

This class begins your journey of learning to “think thermally”—the pathway to proper measurement practices and interpretation of measurement results. The lecture portion of the class covers basic heat transfer and infrared thermography theory, inspection techniques for common applications (e.g. electrical and electromechanical equipment maintenance and condition monitoring, building envelope/energy performance, and process monitoring), and operational procedures for use of thermal imaging instrumentation and software. Hands-on lab exercises complement the lecture to reinforce learning and help build confidence with the use of a thermal imager for performing work.

This class is offered as a public or private, on-site training class by Fox River Systems, Inc. The course is open to everyone regardless of whether or not they own a thermal imager. Attendees that do have equipment are encouraged to bring their thermal imagers and laptop PCs as there are a number of hands-on learning opportunities available during the course.

     Introduction to Infrared Thermography Seminar Datasheet (PDF)
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Dates: DEC 10, 2018 [Chicago/Palatine]
MAR 25, 2019 [Chicago/Palatine]
MAY 20, 2019 [Chicago/Palatine]
SEP 9, 2019 [Chicago/Palatine]
NOV 18, 2019 [Chicago/Palatine]

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