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Test and measurement accessories


Calibrator products for sound, vibration, pressure, temperature, and more

Dimensional Measurement

Digital Indicators, Gage Sensors, & Displays ■  Ultrasonic Thickness Gages ■  Non-Contact Thickness Meters

Electrical Test Tools

Electrical test tools for measurement of: current, voltage, power quality parameters, and more

Fuel Flow Meters

Digital Flow Meters  ■  Volumetric Flow  ■  Mass Flow

Industrial Hygiene Test Tools

Industrial hygiene tools that aid in the detection and measurement of parameters related to work-related illnesses by recognizing, evaluating and controlling the known risks in the workplace.

Infrared Thermal Imagers

Infrared thermal imaging camera products and SF6 gas detection

Mechanical Maintenance Tools

Tools for measuring and remediating machine health: vibration meters ■ vibration testers ■ laser shaft alignment ■ balancers

Sound & Vibration

Sound and vibration measurement instruments

Tachometers & RPM Measurement

Hand-Held ■  Portable ■  Bench-Top ■  Panel Mount ■  Universal FFT Tachometer


Fox River Systems offers training courses and support services to develop the qualifications and capabilities of personnel. Training topics include operational training for a range of measurement instruments, certificate training in infrared thermography, and electrical safety training. Courses are available in both public, open-enrollment format and as private, on-site classes.

Solutions & Product Portfolios

Ultrasonic Test

Ultrasonic instrumentation for applications in uptime & reliability, energy efficiency, and quality control

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