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Test and measurement accessories


Calibrator products for sound, vibration, pressure, temperature, and more

Dimensional Measurement

Digital Indicators, Gage Sensors, & Displays ■  Ultrasonic Thickness Gages ■  Non-Contact Thickness Meters

Electrical Test Tools

Electrical test tools for measurement of: current, voltage, power quality parameters, and more

Fuel Flow Meters

Digital Flow Meters  ■  Volumetric Flow  ■  Mass Flow

Industrial Hygiene Test Tools

Industrial hygiene tools that aid in the detection and measurement of parameters related to work-related illnesses by recognizing, evaluating and controlling the known risks in the workplace.

Infrared Thermal Imagers

Infrared thermal imaging camera products and SF6 gas detection

Sound & Vibration

Sound and vibration measurement instruments

Tachometers & RPM Measurement

Hand-Held ■  Portable ■  Bench-Top ■  Panel Mount ■  Universal FFT Tachometer


Fox River Systems offers training courses and support services to develop the qualifications and capabilities of personnel. Training topics include operational training for a range of measurement instruments, certificate training in infrared thermography, and electrical safety training. Courses are available in both public, open-enrollment format and as private, on-site classes.

Solutions & Product Portfolios

Ultrasonic Test

Ultrasonic instrumentation for applications in uptime & reliability, energy efficiency, and quality control

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